Your Water. Your Health.

Just because we can’t see what’s in our water doesn’t mean that we can take its quality for granted. Water touches every area of our life, and ultimately our health. Contaminates can find their way into well and city water supplies or travel through home plumbing systems. And even if your water is safe for drinking, a variety of factors could affect its feel, smell, or how well it performs in your home.

Let Lanco Mechanicals Test Your Water

Do you need a water conditioner or water softening systemsWhether you have a personal well or city water, Lanco Mechanicals can test your water for a variety of contaminants and issues. We will locate any problems with your water distribution system, plumbing, or other factors that might be lowering the quality of your water. Our analysis will offer budget-conscious recommendations to fit your personal needs and areas of concern.

If any of these describe your water, Lanco Mechanicals can provide a water conditioning solution to correct the problem. Not only will a water conditioner deliver cleaner drinking water for your overall health, it will also clear up issues related to the overall feel, taste and performance of your water.


Lanco Mechanicals is committed to both expert installation and regular maintenance of your water conditioning systems. We partner with leading suppliers to purchase top-quality water treatment products for your home.

Water Softeners

Water softener systems are the most effective treatment for hard water. Water is considered “hard” if it contains a high level of minerals such as calcium or magnesium from soil or rock that is dissolved into groundwater. Water softening removes these minerals to lower buildup in pipes and appliances. It also allows soap to lather and cleanse more effectively.

Reverse Osmosis & Filtration Systems

Reverse Osmosis is a filtration process that uses pressure to remove molecules and ions from solutions. Contaminates are removed as water is moved through a sediment filter, a carbon filter, and a thin composite membrane. RO systems can be installed throughout the entire home or as a local unit under the kitchen sink with a dispenser above the sink to deliver purified drinking water without the need for a Brita filter.


Acid neutralizers are installed to correct the pH level of water. If water is too acidic, it can corrode pipes and damage clothing, skin, hair and appliances. If acidic water continues to run through piping, it breaks down materials that can then travel along with the water and out of the tap into the dinking supply and food. Neutralizers will lower acid levels in water to make it safe for drinking and improve its taste.

Iron Removal Systems

Second to hard water, iron is the most common problem homeowners encounter with their water. Too much iron in water is particularly problematic because it stains nearly everything it touches. It can take its toll on laundry, dishes, sinks and tubs, leaving them permanently discolored. Excess iron also makes drinking water and food taste metallic and can sometimes even cause the water to look red or rusty in color. Iron levels are corrected through water softening, aeration or oxidation solutions.

Maintenance Programs

Many water conditioning units require regular service to ensure maximum performance. To keep your systems in working order and to maximize efficiency gains, Lanco Mechanicals offers a variety of annual maintenance agreements at an affordable cost. If you choose a plan, it will be customized to your water conditioning needs and will also make you a “Preferred Customer” of Lanco Mechanicals. This means that you will receive discounted rates on labor and parts for other plumbing or electrical needs, along with priority response to your service calls. Contact us for more information.


What People Say About Us

You personally took care of us as if we were long time customers and close friends. Your phone calls to keep us up to date on all the work was very helpful and you even called us after the work was complete to make sure we were completely happy with the work and product.
Your mechanic, Dean, was not only professional; he was also courteous, neat, and clean with the installation of our shower in the master bathroom. He also took the time to explain how the new water controls worked and made sure we had all the paper work from the packages.
We will be sure to use you for any future work we may need to be done in our home.

-Anthony & Sandra Pietromonico

We just want to give you folks our sincere thanks for all you did to help us with the water softener! Yes it’s still a bit early to be sure it’s working properly but we feel strongly that you found the combination of problems and went out of your way to get us fixed up! Leaving that go for any reason is not fair nor reasonable and want to thank you for the EXCELLENT, HONEST service!

-Bob & Sandy Baum

Every aspect of our dealings with Lanco has been pleasurable- the initial visit, review of our needs, and recommendations, the prompt quotation, the phone communication and scheduling and certainly the work that was performed and the recommendations made prior to doing the work…Dear folks at Lanco, you are one of the reasons why my wife and I will never regret moving to this area. Please know that your professionalism, courtesy, and integrity are definitely noticed and surely appreciated

– Barry & Nancy Ziegenfus

I just wanted to tell you that we just had our faucet repaired by the most courteous and competent young man from Lanco that we met in quite some time. His name is Phil and someone should know about his great work ethic and attitude.

-Baron McClair

We’ve had a great experience with Lanco and highly recommend them! They responded to questions quickly, and showed up when scheduled, did the work professionally. When the softener didn’t make our water soft, they came out and tested it; found the problem and fixed it that day. We are very satisfied with their company, and our water. THANKS!

-Jeffrey Musser

Just a note to tell you once again how terrific Dean is. Got us squared away yesterday beautifully as always. And he gave us the great news about Lanco now offering service contracts! We’re very interested, so please be sure to send me out info when you can.
As always, Billy and I thank you and your company for your responsiveness and incredibly skilled (and likable!) personnel.

– Joan & Bill

Give Matt a pat on the back for doing a good job on a very challenging job over at Miller’s. Grant said he did a fine job. That, plus he was a very nice guy to deal with.

– Bob Jesberg

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